Our Class Reunion - Class of 1968

Cannelton High School

The Class Union

The Class Reunion


Time has seen the flow of our lives take different streams. As we coursed down eddying in spots and rushing in others we often think of each other with which we started this journey.


Some have ended their journey and many of us are still on the trip that does not have a predicted ending.


The waters have been smooth in places and rough in others and yet we still take the time to reflect on our past and those we share it with.


We will come together again after many years of separation to think aloud of our younger life and to wonder and talk about those for whom we will no longer see or hear.


Life has made us all individuals of circumstance and choosing yet we still seek each other out for understanding, support and friendship. We are fewer in number but stronger in the knowledge of life's hardships, sorrow, joys and rewards.


Rickey P. Brumfield